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The Peach 2023

Well, it happened again! The 2023 Peach Music Festival was cup-filling success for Swag Island Tees. There is something about the location, the people and the atmosphere, that make this festival the best running one to date.

Through a bit of magic and happenstance, I was able to get 2 of my favorite artists a couple tees from my merch line this summer. Daniel Donato of Cosmic Country took a moment to talk art and music with me before he went onstage and crushed the Peach late-night set on Friday. 

Then on Saturday, I got a chance to meet Brian Murray, one of the guitarists from band, Dogs in a Pile. They tore up the Mushroom Stage the day before. He was so gracious and loved the "Melty Peach '23" design. I had to make sure he had one.

If I met you, or if you bought a tee or tank from me, thank you. I appreciate the love and kindness. See ya next year.

IMG_6045 cropped.jpg

The Peach 2022

It was a crazy, but fun-filled weekend in June 2022, when Swag Island Tees ascended on Montage Mountain for the 10th Annual Peach Festival celebration. 

While vending my Unofficial/Official Peach-bolt logo tees, I reached out to artist, Daniel Donato of Cosmic Country. I was hoping to pass along a complimentary tee in exchange for all the wonderful music he provides. With the assistance of a friend, I was able to get the tee to Daniel backstage.


Next thing I knew, he was wearing it on the way to his VIP set. I was so blown away by his appreciation. I met him in between and he couldn't have been any kinder or more gracious. 

Daniel Donato.jpg
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